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Tribulation Training Member FAQS

➤Who Are We: Tribulation Training is a unique Christian Social Network offering our members a free profile page they can use to post anything of interest to them, promote their other social network profiles, share resources they use for Bible study or even affiliate links to traffic resources, work from home opportunities etc.

➤What Is A Traffic Exchange: Our traffic exchange is where you view other members social profiles and receive credits doing so to use to have other members view your social profile. In this way you can add others as friends as well as have others request connecting with you. Plus it's a fantastic way to share interesting news & updates as well as learn from others yourself.

➤What Is The Traffic Builder: The traffic builder is our recommended list of other traffic exchanges and related sites you can also surf (view pages) to earn credits and list your profile page and referral links from here at their site for their members to see and join as your referral here! (this is primarily how we grow our network)

➤How To Create Profile Posts: With your profile post you can not only add simple text posts, but you can also add images, banners, website links and even videos. For simple instructions how to post visit the Posting Tips page.

➤What Is Not Allowed: Common sense rules here. Obviously we don't allow anything related to adult content, racism, get rich quick schemes, promotion of anything illegal etc. We have a report site button on our surfing menu bar members can click to report anything that we don't allow. (our security check catches 99%)

➤What Content Can I Post: In general you can post anything you would post at other social networks. As a Christian Social Network we do however focus on sharing Christian related content. We do not allow blatant attacks on other specific Christian ministries by name, pastors, evangelists etc. Exposing false doctrine is fine in general, but personal attacks serve no purpose and we believe leaving the judging to our Father.

➤How To Get Lots Of Traffic: The common method to get lots of traffic to your profile and referral links is to surf multiple sites at the same time. Simply open several sites up in multiple tabs in the same window and click between them to earn credits much faster. Just make sure you glance at each sites current page to see if you're interested, or claim the frequent bonus you receive. Believe me you'll catch on quick, it's actually fun and a bit addicting! LOL

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