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What Exactly Is The Tribulation In Bible Prophecy?

The Bible Warns Us Of A Time Of Tribulation In The Last Days

When most people think of the tribulation period in bible prophecy they imagine a time of terrifying physical events that harm or even kill much of the population of the world. The fact is, this is exactly opposite of what is really going to happen. In this and upcoming articles you will learn from the bible that the tribulation period of the last days is actually a spiritual battle of deception with the ultimate goal by Satan to deceive the entire world into worshipping him instead of our true savior Jesus Christ.

tribulation of bible prophecy When the anti-christ comes in person claiming to be God, he is decribed in bible prophecy as coming in peaceably and prosperously, with "flatteries" Daniel 11:21 deceiving the whole world and particularly the world leaders who will make allegiance with him. But before he shows up in person, his spirit will have been setting the stage even as it is now for many decades, (if not centuries) in the events described in the first 4 trumpets that sound in the book of Revelation.

tribulation of bible prophecy The first 4 trumpets set up the 4 dynasties Satan uses to deceive the entire world. These are described as the 4 horns in Zech. 1 and defined in more detail in many other prophecies of the Old & New Testaments. They are, Education - Economy - Politics & Last but not least... Religion.

Satan subtly but effectively uses his deception a little at a time so as to make it seem normal to accept as it crecendos or builds up to the ultimate deception of excepting him instead of Christ which is actually what anti-christ means when he appears at the 6th trump. In essence the 1st 4 trumps setup the deception of the 3 woes of the final 3 trumps.

The seals opened in Rev 6-8 describe events in symbolic language that when opened make it clear what will happen just prior to Christ returning to gather His elect and set up the millenial kingdom. Only those who have the truth sealed in their minds will understand these events and not be deceived by anti-christ. You see, the events in fact describe when and how Satan deceives the whole world, that's why they are sealed to those without the love of the truth in their hearts/minds during the latter days. 2 Thess 2:10

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