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Why The Rapture Is So Popular

Most Think The Tribulation Is Physical Hardship Not Spiritual Warfare

Most Christians and the general public in general today think of the tribulation period much like the Hollywood pictures have portrayed the apocalypse, end of the world, etc. Many who have been taught by ultra literalist actually believe events depicted in Revelations are literal events. (ie. mountains falling into the sea, water turning to blood, 1/3 of mankind being killed etc.)

What they don't understand, is these passages in Revelation, Daniel, and other prophesies are using symbolic language which depicts literal events. As an example, Rev 6:13 states the "stars of heaven fell unto the earth". Of course literal stars are bigger than earth by many times so obviously they would destroy the earth like stepping upon an ant, so what is meant? Stars in God's word are always referring to His children, the angels whether good or bad. This is specifically referring to Satan as the anti-christ being cast to earth with his fallen angels at the 6 seal, 6 trump, 6 vial.

Don't get me wrong, the tribulation period is not going to be a bed of roses. Especially when is comes to spiritual warfare. God's people are going to be under attack by Satan in his role as anti-christ, the false prophet, the beast etc. with deception so cunning it would fool the very elect if it were possible. You see, anit-christ comes in peaceably and prosperously. If he came persecuting all believing Christians that would deceive no one. No, he's going to portray himself as the true Messiah, and will in fact deceive the vast majority of Christians who as of today (2022) make up 1/3 of the population of the world.

When you read 1/3 of the creatures in the sea, that had LIFE, died; Rev 8:9, it's not speaking of the fish in the sea etc. The sea in Revelation are defined as the people of the earth. Rev 17:15 So obviously the other 2/3 of the literal creatures (fish etc) in the sea weren't dead, but the 1/3 who had life are the people who had spiritual LIFE, the Christians who make up 1/3 of the world population as of today. You see, Satan as the anti-christ main focus is going to be deceiving those who believe in Christ. (he already has non believers deceived) Unfortunately the majority of Christians today believe the pre-trib rapture theory so they think the true Christ comes first being setup perfectly for anti-christ when he in fact shows up first.

The Rapture Theory Appeals To Our Carnel Nature

One of the main reasons the rapture theory is so popular today is that it appeals to mans most basic human nature and that is to escape hardship and persecution. What compounds it is today's preachers know it appeals to their audiences, it brings them in by the droves. The majority of Christians simply can't get enough details of this soon coming escape from the wrath to come. (so they are told) But the fact is the wrath of God is only directed at those who don't remain faithful to Him. Luke 21:18 Not a hair on their head will perish.

Yes dear reader, I know the rapture theory is made very convincing. Christ is coming back to gather us together unto Himself for a fact. That is our blessed hope. It's the culmination of this earth age. But the fact is as Paul wrote in 2 Thess 2:3 that day will not come until their comes a falling away first, and the anti-christ is revealed. (I explain 2 Thess 2:3 in detail here)

As Eph 6:13 explains we are to put on the whole armour of God that we will be prepared to stand in the evil day. We have a destiny dear reader. Although many will be deceived by Satan initially during his "hour of temptation" here on earth, many will come out of confusion by the witness of God's elect when they are brought before rulers, kings of the earth & anti-christ himself as the Holy Spirit speaks through them. Mark 13:11 (this is when the gospel is preached to all nations)

What a privilege it will be to stand for the true Christ during this most important time in history! What a privilege it is to be used of God to help bring His children out of the confusion of the anti-christ. And then, what a privilege is will be to serve Him during the 1000 year millenial reign of Christ helping those who never had a chance to learn of His grace and mercy to come to him before the great white throne judgment so they also will be able to live eternally with our Great God & Creator forever after all that offends has been turned to ashes in the lake of fire forever.

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